Ready Hire Staffing is ready to work for you!  We are a local staffing agency and we are confident that you will find our personal service and skills to be superior to any other office around. At Ready Hire Staffing, you will always have easy access to one of our experienced and professional staffing specialist who are trained extensively on how to find you the perfect candidate. With over 3,000 active applicants in our system, no job is too big for us to handle!

There are a number of reasons to use Ready Hire Staffing for your hiring needs. 

  1.  STAFFING AGENCIES IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY:  Working with us removes much of the administrative burden from HR'S plate.   We handle all the initial screening, vetting and                 interviewing.

  2.  TRY BEFORE YOU BUY:  You get to see first-hand just how the employee fits in with the team and the culture and you can get the feel for whether or not they will succeed without         the hassle of having to start the whole process over it they do not work out.

  3.  BETTER NEW HIRES:  Contrary to popular believe, we have access to top talent.  Partnering with us can give you access to high-quality candidates who are ready to get to work               and make valuable contributions on a daily basis.

  4.  STAFFING AGENCIES REDUCE COSTS:  Hiring full-time employees is expensive.  Temporary employees are employed by the staffing agency, not your company.  That means you             do not have to provide benefits or deal with social security taxes, unemployment taxes, etc. 

  5.  AVOID UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS:  If you hire employees through us there is no risk of workers filing unemployment claims when and if their services are no longer needed.

  6.  FILL-IN FOR A VACANCY:  We can mobilize quickly to help you fill critical vacancies due to family leave, vacations, job resignations, unexpected illness, family emergencies, etc.

  7.  MAKE HIRING EASIER:  We can remove the hassle of sourcing candidates, creating job descriptions (free advertising), posting jobs, evaluating resumes and applications, phone                screening, verifying skills, etc. 

  8.  HIRE FASTER:  A speedy and accurate hire can be difficult and time consuming for most businesses.  We have a built-in pipeline of passive and active talent to draw from                         immediately.

  9.  BETTER MATCH WORKFORCE TO WORKLOAD:  Hiring a full-time may not be the only or best option for a given situation.  If you are not ready to bring someone in full-time until             you are confident in their abilities, temporary-to-hire can be the best choice.

10.  ASSIST WITH ONBOARDING:  The cost of hiring does not end when an employee accepts your offer.  You have to factor in the cost of onboarding and training.  We can help you             reduce these costs by offering onboarding assistance.

Ready Hire Staffing offers a variety of staffing and screening possibilities to match whatever needs you may have. Our goal is to make the process of hiring as simple as possible for you and your company. Each applicant is screened based on work history, attitude, references, and criminal background so you can have confidence that our workers are willing and ready to work whenever you need them! We strive to find you the right people for the job quickly and efficiently, while still having some of the lowest rates in town!  Our staffing specialist are experts at matching skilled candidates with companies needing great people quickly.  If you are tired of the day-to-day struggle to beat the competition for the best candidates, contact us and speak with a staffing specialist today.

Ready Hire Staffing is also a certified drug testing collection site and provides an array of different drug testing options for your employment purposes! If your facility has a drug-free policy, we can help enforce that! From DOT to Non-DOT, we are certified to act as a collection site for any needs you may have.   Go to our Drug Testing page for more information.

Please call us today to discuss your company's staffing and/or drug testing needs!     

Staffing Options:

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Short or Long Term Temporary Staffing

Recruiting for Direct Hire Staffing